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My appointment went well. The staff is very helpful and professional. I am always informed a few days ahead of my appointment by Lilly. She is great!


The staff is professional and gives you great service. Lilly keeps it going smoothly and provides a friendly, efficiently running schedule.


The staff at the UOP hearing center has been very helpful and accommodating. I am relatively new to hearing aids and my “newbie” concerns and questions are always addressed. It has been a positive experience.


My experiences over the years at the UOP hearing center have been outstanding. My latest set of aids involves changing brands. That can be a difficult process and in my case it is. However the patience and helpfulness of the staff has been remarkable. I have always recommended UOP to my friends and I will continue to do so.


I have been going to UOP hearing for more then 1 year. I was evaluated and fitted with exactly the type of hearing aide I was looking for. The appliance has given me the ability to hear so much better. My cell phone also goes directly to the headset. Now i can understand cell phone calls very clearly. I also can connect directly to the TV set and set at any volume I need.

When ever I have a question or need help the staff is available right away. They have even replaced my systems to create a better result.

Outstanding service and knowledge. A wonderful place to go for hearing problems. No doubt as to their ability and ethics.


It is always a pleasure to deal with the UOP Hearing Center. They are more than helpful and instructive. I am on my second set of hearing aids and would not consider going elsewhere for the exam, follow-up, etc. This is a definite recommendation for everyone I have encountered there!


I have been using University of the Pacific Hearing and Balance Center services since they began and they are as user friendly as any business can be. All of the people I have met over the years have been polite, knowledgeable and as professional as anyone could ever ask for. I recommend anyone with the smallest idea they might need hearing help call the UOP audiology lab before going anywhere else.


I got my first hearing aid from them about three years ago. From the first visit to today’s check up, everyone there has been professional, polite, competent, and caring. If an appointment is set for a certain time, I get in at that time – no waiting and waiting.

I can recommend the UOP Hearing and Balance Center to all who have, or suspect that they may have, a hearing problem, without any reservations whatsoever.