Custom Earmolds

Your ears are unique. In order for your hearing aids to fit comfortably, the majority of today’s devices are made using custom molds of your ears.

Custom ear molds are created using impressions of your ear canals and middle ears. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Because they will perfectly match the contours of your ears, custom ear molds offer a tight and secure fit, and are not reserved for hearing aids only. They are also used to design earplugs, Bluetooth headsets and other devices.


In addition to providing an excellent fit for hearing aids, custom ear molds offer unparalleled protection from noise exposure, and help keep water out of your ears while swimming or bathing.

custom ear molds stockton When participating in recreational activities where noise is an issue (rock concerts, sporting events, riding motorcycles, hunting) or working at job sites with excessive noise (industrial and construction settings), earplugs created from custom ear molds offer better protection than generic, one-size-fits-all plugs, and will help reduce noise leakage.

If you frequently listen to music through an MP3 device, earbuds created from custom ear molds offer a snug fit that improves sound quality and helps keep the earbuds in place during strenuous activity.

Those who enjoy swimming and other water activities will benefit from swimmer’s earplugs made from custom ear molds. They keep the ears dry and prevent infections and other diseases such as Swimmer’s Ear and Surfer’s Ear.

Speak with your audiologist today about the benefits of custom ear molds.