Research Projects

In addition to providing their patients with the highest-quality care, many of our audiologists are also actively conducting research. The research they work on is instrumental in pushing the field of audiology forward. The team members are able to take the information they learn from these projects and implement them into real-world applications. Below are just a few of the topics are researchers are working on:

Dr. Jiong (Joe) Hu focuses his research on auditory electrophysiology and neuroplasticity. His most recent studies were aimed at examining the effect background noise has on the brain’s ability to process pitch in the aging population. His is also conducting research on newborns and young infants, as well as bilingual adults.

Dr. Rupa Balachandran’s research is on speech perception by adults with hearing impairment, Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD) and hearing loss as a public health and patient safety issue.

Dr. Gabriella Musacchia focuses her research on how the brain processes sound and how neurons get “tuned in” during language development and auditory experience. Currently, Dr. Musacchia is working with investigators from University of California at San Diego and George Washington School of Medicine on the National Science Foundation-funded Group Brain Dynamics of Learning Network. This group is dedicated to understanding the intra- and inter-personal dynamics of learning.

As co-director of the AEL with Dr. Hu, Dr. Musacchia leads or facilitates studies on Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), monolingual and bilingual language learning, early detection of auditory deficits in high-risk infants and quantifying student success.

While our researchers are the driving force behind these projects, nothing could be done without volunteers. If you are interested in participating in ongoing or upcoming research studies, please email us at