lyric hearing aid san francisco - stockton Lyric is a disposable, extended wear device that requires little maintenance. Lyric devices must be placed deep into your ears by your Lyric-trained audiologist. Once in your ears, they typically stay there for about 1-3 months; after which your Lyric-trained audiologist will remove your old devices and replace them with new ones quickly and painlessly.

invisible hearing aids san francisco - stockton Truly disposable, there are no batteries to replace, and they are safe to wear while participating in your usual daily activities including showering, sleeping, exercising and talking on the phone. Best of all, nobody will ever know you are wearing them.


Lyric implantable hearing aid san francisco - stockton The principle behind the Lyric device is simple: it uses the natural anatomy of your ears to funnel sounds directly to the device, where they are amplified and transmitted to the eardrum. This results in improved localization (being able to determine where sounds originate) and directionality. Because of the deep placement, occlusion effect (a “plugged-up” feeling) is limited and feedback is rarely an issue. The hearing aids are protected from harmful moisture and earwax through application of a special coating. Foam seals that are shaped to match the contours of your ear canals prevent slippage and result in a secure, comfortable fit.

Lyric hearing aids are sold on a subscription basis and usually include a one-year’s supply. When they are due to be replaced, your Lyric-trained audiologist will replace your old devices with new ones.

Lyric isn’t a perfect solution for everybody. Check with us to see if this technology will benefit you. Click here to schedule an appointment.