Hearing Aid Maintenance & Repair

Hearing Aid Maintenance san francisco - stocktonLike any sophisticated electronic device, hearing aids require periodic maintenance to keep working smoothly and effectively. This is no surprise, given the fact that they are used on a daily basis in a harsh environment where moisture, heat and earwax pose constant threats.

Hearing aids should be cleaned daily, by using a soft, dry cloth. Avoid water, alcohol and other solvents, as these can cause the device to degrade prematurely. Cleaning your hearing aids daily prevents debris in your ear (e.g. ear wax) from building up and clogging the hearing aids.

You can expect your hearing aids to last between 4-6 years. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help prevent problems from developing and extend the life of your equipment.

Store your hearing aids in the provided protective case when not in use to keep them free of dust and dirt. We recommend visiting your audiologist for a “deep clean” every 6 months, as we have specialized cleaning equipment. At these Clean & Check appointments, we will clean and test the hearing aids to ensure they are still functioning properly.


Despite your best efforts, at some point your hearing aids may require repair. If you ever have trouble with the hearing aids, give us a call as a deep clean may be all you need. Below are some more advanced troubleshooting methods you can try at home as well:

  • Are you hearing feedback or a whistling noise when inserting your hearing aids? This could be the result of earwax accumulation or an improperly inserted device. Remove and reinsert your hearing aids to see if that helps. If not, your audiologist or doctor can check your ear canals for excess earwax.
  • There is no sound when your hearing aids are inserted. A lack of sound can point to a dead battery, clogged microphone or clogged sound outlet. Replace the battery first; if that doesn’t solve the problem, try cleaning the microphone and/or sound outlet, and change the wax filter.
  • The sound is distorted or unclear. Dirty or corroded batteries or battery contacts often cause the sounds from your hearing aids to come across as distorted or unclear. You can try replacing the battery, opening and closing the battery compartment and cleaning the battery surfaces using a dry cloth. You might also want to make sure the hearing aids haven’t been accidentally switched to telecoil mode.

If at-home troubleshooting doesn’t fix the problem, we’re only a phone call away.